Australian Research Alliance for Children and Youth

Systems to Support Kids Missing School research project

Funded by the Australian Department of Education and Training, the project will collect evidence on which approaches are the most effective and helpful for these students. Based on this evidence, a practice guide will be developed for school and tertiary institutions to raise awareness of the needs of these students amongst school leaders and teachers and provide information on how to address these needs.

The project follows the landmark ARACY 2015 report Missing School: School connection for seriously sick kids: who are they, how do we know what works, and whose job is it?, recommending the development of a national framework to support the education of chronically ill or injured children. The Systems to Support Kids Missing School research project is expected to bridge the gap between health and education systems. It aims to encourage advocacy and collaboration on the part of the young people and families both within and between the health and education systems, through:

  • raising the profile of seriously ill or injured kids
  • detection and provision of immediate support to kids with unmet health, educational and social needs
  • overall relationship building between members of the student support network
  • strong inter-agency working and information sharing
  • improving partnership work and promoting importance of agencies responding quickly and collaboratively to kids’ multiple needs as this can help reduce the delay in providing vulnerable kids with timely support
  • developing understandings of network members’ systems, procedures, pressures, operating environments, roles and expertise
  • access to multi-disciplinary approaches and network support
  • clarity about what information has been shared, and what decisions have been taken.

The final report, including a good practice resource and associated practicum guide, will be available in late June 2017.

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