Australian Research Alliance for Children and Youth


ARACY provides Australia’s first evidence-based framework for national child and youth wellbeing (0-24 years).

This task is a national endeavour involving many sectors and a long timeframe.

ARACY makes direct contributions to The Nest through a range of projects which align to the Priority Directions and Operating Principles in the national framework.

Some examples of ‘The Nest in action’ include initiatives undertaken by the:

right@home The Common Approach

Parent Engagement Parent Engagement Project

Education Capital: Progressing Parent Engagement in the ACT

Report Card: The wellbeing of young Australians

Early Learning Everyone Benefits

Systems to Support Kids Missing School research project

A First 1000 Days Partnership Nest What Works for Kids

ARACY Networks

The Networks are specialist networks constituted under the auspices of ARACY. They drive and support collaborative activity between the academic, policy and practice communities to progress the ‘evidence to practice agenda’ which lies at the heart of ARACY’s work.

ARACY acknowledges the voluntary contributions made by Network Convenors and Committee Members, all leaders in their field who bring their subject matter expertise to bear through Networks, which are:

  • a trusted source of scholarship and practice wisdom to advance understanding and practice
  • a channel to distribute up-to-date information and promote specialist activities/opportunities
  • a resource to draw on for the creation, synthesis or analysis of specialist information
  • a source of advice about and connection to leading thinkers, researchers, practitioners and policy makers
  • an arena for information exchange, critical analysis and debate
  • a vehicle to facilitate networking between academics, researchers, practitioners and students.

Australian Parent Engagement Network Early Years Chapter

Middle Years Network Longitudinal Studies Network

Prevention Science Network

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