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Common Approach resources

The central component of the Common Approach resources is the Wellbeing Wheel, which presents a holistic view of a child’s or young person’s life. The suite of Common Approach resources (detailed below) support practitioners work with young people or families. They help practitioners to look beyond the usual focus of their profession, allowing them to have a quality conversation with a child or family about issues they might not usually be confident to discuss, before problems turn into crises.

All resources are available to purchase after the Common Approach training is completed.

Resource Description Price
Wellbeing Wheel – detailed

The Wellbeing Wheel provides a visual and holistic view of a child or young person’s life, based on the ecological model of child development. It covers six broad domains of wellbeing – physical health, mental health, relationships, material basics, learning and safety.

The standard Wheel includes several high-level discussion prompts in each domain which are based on common indicators of areas of potential strength or need.

Wellbeing Wheel (text-free)

The text-free Wellbeing Wheel was developed through the adaptation of the Common Approach resources for use with Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) and refugee families. It portrays the same six wellbeing domains as the detailed Wellbeing Wheel.

There is no text within each domain allowing the practitioner to discuss each area in language most suitable for the parent or young person they are working with. This Wheel has an additional ring of ‘Culture’ on the outside of the wheel.

$40 (min 20)
Practitioner Wellbeing Wheel

The Practitioner Wellbeing Wheel provides examples of potential questions which may be asked within each wellbeing domain. These are particularly useful for practitioners who are practised at gathering information in only one or two of the wellbeing areas. The questions provide prompts about the types of topics which may need to be discussed in the other domains. It includes additional questions for children, young people, parents and carers from CALD backgrounds.

This double-sided wheel is laminated to provide an ongoing, durable resource for practitioners using The Common Approach.

$62.50 (min 25)
Young People's Questionnaire

This questionnaire is targeted at young people aged 12 and over. It asks a range of questions in each of the wellbeing domains and is intended to act as a conversation prompt rather than a formal screening or assessment tool.

It enables young people to identify, from their perspective, areas of strength and need, which can then form the basis of ongoing conversations about their wellbeing.

$62.50 (min 25)
Parent/Carer's Questionnaire

This questionnaire for parents and carers asks respondents to think about the wellbeing of their children and also focuses on the six domains of wellbeing.

The questionnaire provides a holistic picture of the family’s circumstances, and can be used as the basis for discussion of the family’s priorities and goals.

User guide A general reference tool for practitioners and managers using The Common Approach. Provides information for working with specific populations such as families from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds. It includes case studies, conversation prompts and useful resources. $20
Poster An A3 poster showing the detailed Wellbeing Wheel for display in family and community centres, waiting rooms, school hallways and clinics, etc. $20 (min 10)
Brochure The four-page Common Approach brochure provides a succinct overview of the approach including the practices, evaluation, and resources of The Common Approach. $20 (min 25)
Resource starter kit

The Common Approach Resource Starter Kit has all the key resources needed to begin having quality, wellbeing-focused conversations with your client. The starter resource kit includes:

  • 1 x Wellbeing Wheel – detailed
  • 1 x Wellbeing Wheel – text-free
  • 1 x laminated Practitioner Wellbeing Wheel
  • 1 x Parent/Carer’s Questionnaire
  • 1 x Young People’s Questionnaire
  • 1 x A3 poster.

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