Australian Research Alliance for Children and Youth

Expert Reference Group

Prof Graham Vimpani (Chair), University of Newcastle, NSW

Prof Kerrie Bowering, Women’s and Children’s Health Network, SA

Mr Warren Cann, Parenting Research Centre, Vic

Ms Karene Fairbairn, Department of Education and early Childhood Development (DEECD), Vic

Prof Sharon Dawe, Griffith University, Qld

Mr Brendon Douglas, JTA International, Qld

Prof Catherine Fowler, University of Technology, Sydney, NSW

A/Prof Jennifer Fraser, The University of Sydney, NSW

A/Prof Sharon Goldfeld, Centre for Community Child Health (CCCH), Murdoch Childrens

Research institute (MCRI), Vic

A/Prof Des Graham, Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) – Children,

Tasmanian Government, Tas

A/Prof Harriet Hiscock, CCCH, MCRI

A/Prof Lynn Kemp, Centre for Health Equity Research and Evaluation (CHETRE), University of

New South Wales (UNSW), NSW

Prof Sue Kruske, Queensland Centre for Mothers and Babies, University of Queensland, Qld

Ms Deborah Leisser, DHHS – Children, Tasmanian Government, Tas

Ms Christine Long, DHHS – Children, Tasmanian Government, Tas

Prof John Lynch, University of Adelaide, SA

Dr Tim Moore, CCCH, MCRI, Vic

Prof Victor Nossar, Department of Health and Families, NT

Dr Anna Price, CCCH, MCRI, Vic

Mr Luke Hatton, DEECD, Vic (took over from Mr Anthony Raitman in 2013)

Prof Michael Sawyer, University of Adelaide, SA

A/Prof Virginia Schmeid, University of Western Sydney, NSW

Ms Mailin Suchtin, Department of Health and Ageing, NSW

Prof Cate Taylor, University of Western Australia, WA

Mr Mike Willie, DHHS – Children, Tasmanian Government, Tas

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