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Opportunity Child

About Opportunity Child

Opportunity Child is a collective of leading communities and national organisations, working together to change the system that impact kids. Their key shared goal is to dramatically improve the lives of 65,000 vulnerable children in Australia. Opportunity Child uses collective impact ‒ a framework for creating large-scale social and systems change where people, organisations and sectors work together, led by communities.

Opportunity Child is the backbone organisation enabling non-profit organisations, governments, social services, communities, businesses, researchers and philanthropists to align and coordinate their efforts. The organisation brings together these groups in mutually reinforcing activities to avoid service duplication, undertaking deep community engagement, using a shared measurement approach to measure group progress and working toward a common goal for social change. As a result, collective action led by communities, focus drives local and national innovation together and develop, test and adapt new ways of working across different sectors. This collaboration creates new cultures, governance structures and strategies with a shared goal of greater efficiency.

How is The Nest being used?

Opportunity Child uses The Nest as a guiding framework to measure the collective impact of their work, across the domains of ‘Material basics’, ‘Loved and Safe’, ‘Healthy’, ‘Learning’, ‘Participating’ and ‘Systems and Environment’.

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