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Moreland City Council

About Moreland City Council

Moreland City Council delivers services that support and respond to local community needs, with a strong emphasis on improving outcomes for children, youth and families.

How is The Nest being used?

Moreland uses The Nest to improve outcomes for children as part of a national initiative to improve child wellbeing in Australia, with clear links between the municipality’s work and the national agenda. Key initiatives and associated actions outlined in The Moreland Early Years Strategy 2016-2020 are linked to The Nest outcomes to improve and measure child and youth wellbeing. The strategy will be used by a number of organisations in Moreland and The Nest provides a common language and shared framework for collaboration.

Moreland encourages other organisations to adopt The Nest as its collective action approach so that more can be done nationally to improve the health and wellbeing outcomes for children and youth in Australia.

What we are doing in Moreland to improve outcomes for children is part of a much wider agenda. We are part of a national initiative and it is important to use a shared language and a common framework when we approach our work.” – Anne McGregor, Early Years Development Officer, Moreland City Council

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