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Logan Together

About Logan Together

Logan Together is a long term, whole of community effort to create the best life opportunities for every child in Logan, in the south Brisbane area of Queensland. Employing a collective Impact approach, Logan Together drives coordination and cooperation between community stakeholders, education, health and social service providers. They have developed the Logan Together Roadmap to establish a framework to connect people in this work and support full community engagement.

How is The Nest being used?

The Nest is being used in Logan’s long term, whole of community campaign to create the best life opportunities for every child in the region. The initiative mobilises community resources to ensure that every child gets the support, love and care they need to grow from birth through each stage of childhood, to be the best they can be.

Our project is taking a collective impact approach to addressing child development at a whole of population level. There are a number of communities around Australia undertaking the same work, but good practice in this area is still emerging in Australia. The more we can agree standards and common ways of describing success, the better. We are using The Nest as the Australian standard for describing child wellbeing and we refer to it as an authoritative source in that regard. We are also using it as a conceptual framework within which to check that our planning and work addresses all the domains of child wellbeing.” – Matthew Cox, Director, Logan Together

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