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Adopting the Common Approach

How is the Common Approach being used?

The Common Approach is currently being implemented across education, health and social service organisations throughout Australia. Users of the Common Approach include teachers, family mental health workers, school leadership teams, youth workers, nurses, counsellors, and family support workers.

Independent evaluation

The Common Approach underwent an independent evaluation by the Social Policy Research Centre (University of New South Wales) which found that the Common Approach achieves:

  • increased number of practitioners identifying needs of vulnerable families and children earlier;
  • increased practitioner ability to identify family strengths and needs, including outside of their core area of expertise/training;
  • increased level of support and follow up for vulnerable families;
  • improvements in referral patterns for vulnerable families and children;
  • improved client relationships; and
  • increased use of services to improve child wellbeing.

Download ARACY's Common Approach: Working together to prevent child abuse and neglect – Final report

How can I adopt the Common Approach?

Training is required to adopt the Common Approach and to access the resources. ARACY delivers training to any organisation or team who work with children, youth or families. A Train–the-Trainer program is also available for larger state-wide or national agencies.

Find out more about adopting the Common Approach, email us or phone 02 6248 2400.

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