Australian Research Alliance for Children and Youth

What we do

ARACY exists because Australian children aren’t doing as well as they should be in a wealthy country, and because researchers, service providers and policy makers need to work together if we are going to change this.

At ARACY, we know this work is important.

Currently, Australia is in the top third of OECD countries on a mere quarter of the indicators of child and youth wellbeing. Our goal is to have Australia rank in the top third of countries on half of these same indicators by 2025.

To achieve this goal, ARACY acts as a catalyst, to –

  • identify the problems facing children and young people in Australia
  • determine which of these problems are the most urgent, so we can direct effort to where it will be most useful
  • collect evidence on the actions and policies that will best help to solve the priority problems
  • distribute the evidence to policy makers, service providers, parents and young people so they can improve practice
  • bring researchers, service providers and policy makers together to interact, exchange ideas, and influence one another
  • measure and report on progress.

ARACY can only do this work if we have a wide network of members. We invite individual and organisational members to contribute their skills and leadership to this nation-building task.

We also need a clear view of the priorities for action and a framework for measuring progress. We invite you to frame your work using The Nest Action Agenda, Australia’s first evidence-based framework for child and youth wellbeing.

Join us and contribute to making Australia a place where children and young people have the best start in life, supported by families and communities to grow into healthy, resilient and productive adult members of the community.

ARACY’s role is to:

Lead Facilitate Collaborate Develop Influence

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