Australian Research Alliance for Children and Youth

How we can help you

ARACY offers a range of services and products to its members and the public. ARACY can help members with consulting work in relation to children and youth by providing matching or brokering services between organisations that need consultancy work done and organisations that provide it.

There will be some projects where ARACY might play a coordination or project management role – for example, where a project crosses several different areas of expertise or crosses over different jurisdiction and sector boundaries and a coordinator is required to bring disparate players together. We can sometimes also provide consulting services directly on projects where wide consultation with the ARACY membership is a prerequisite. In most cases however our role is more likely to be simply finding suitable partners for a project and making introductions or facilitating the project going ahead.

Consulting work we broker or arrange could be for any project related to improving outcomes for children and young people based on finding and applying reliable evidence. We are also available to provide independent, impartial third party advice to consulting projects where a disinterested overview of evidence is required: again, for such projects we draw on relevant expertise among our members.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements and for a quote.

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