Australian Research Alliance for Children and Youth


ARACY is an engine for collaboration.

This is because we support our members to achieve a shared purpose – improving child and youth wellbeing in Australia (0-24 years) on the basis of evidence and through collective action.

For us, collaboration is about sharing information and opportunities in a purposeful way.

At ARACY we –

  • broker relationships between members to match skills and needs
  • arrange alliances and partnerships to support activity which stretches across sectors, silos or recognised life course stages
  • put members in touch with parliamentarians and decision makers to advance particular issues
  • identify ‘what works’ as well as the gaps in the evidence base for The Nest Action Agenda
  • invite members to contribute to submissions and help prioritise ARACY’s actions
  • work directly on projects but only when these require a broad based member organisation to drive collaboration, such as our Parent Engagement Project and ACT Parent Engagement.

We do this because we know our members are trying to solve the same problem we are, and that we must all collaborate if we are to succeed.

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