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The Student Wellbeing Action Network (SWAN) is a collaborative initiative between Wellbeing Australia and ARACY.

The SWAN provides a forum and a platform for students, together with researchers, policymakers, organisational leaders and practitioners across diverse disciplines and settings, to:

  • Exchange knowledge and expertise – both experiential and research-based
  • Build cooperative networks and collaborative effort that will support joined-up approaches to multi-factorial and multi-level issues
  • Inform advocacy for evidence-based approaches, policies, programs and practices.

The SWAN believes that to enhance the resilience, social and emotional competence and general wellbeing of Australia’s students, the experiences and opinions of students must be captured alongside the expertise of researchers, policymakers, organisational leaders and practitioners.

The activities of the SWAN complement and support initiatives in preventing bullying, building resilience, enhancing student voice, teacher wellbeing, families and the community, the vulnerable and disadvantaged, measuring social and emotional wellbeing, engaging parents and improving academic and social and emotional wellbeing outcomes for students. A particular emphasis is placed on students vulnerable and disadvantaged families and communities.

These activities will contribute to and stem from The Nest.

Specific activities will be communicated with members through ARACY's monthly newsletter, Our news, and the SWAN newsletter. Soon, SWAN blogs and a Wellbeing Australia Facebook page will accommodate the sharing of ideas, opinions and expertise, for conversation and constructive debate.

Lead convenors, Associate Professor Gerry Redmond (Director of Flinders Institute of Public Policy and Management), and Adjunct Associate Professor Sue Roffey (Director of Wellbeing Australia) invite you to become a member of the SWAN.

For further information, contact the Network coordinator.

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To join the SWAN, all you need to do is apply to become an ARACY Individual Member, which is free. On the membership application you can specify which Network(s) you wish to be a part of.

If you are already an ARACY Individual Member, please email us to request to join the SWAN.

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