• Relationships are paramount: Indigenous children's transition

    25 August 16 by Jacynta Krakouer, Australian Council for Educational Research

    This article examines the value of relationships in supporting transition to school and is based on Jacynta's “Literature Review relating to the current context and discourse surrounding Indigenous Early Childhood Education, School Readiness and Transition Programs to Primary School”.

  • Working in integrated ways to support transitions to school

    18 August 16

    This article outlines an integrated services perspective on transition to formal schooling. As an integrated service The Infants' Home provides transition to school programs for children and families experiencing complex support needs, as well as children and families from mainstream backgrounds. 

  • The role of NGO's in schools key to relationship building

    1 August 16 by Prof Greer Johnson

    The findings from a recent research and development project encouraging disadvantaged, middle-school girls to persist and achieve at school, has confirmed that the presence of an NGO in a school can play a key role in building trusting relationships between school, families and communities.

  • A Day in the life of…a Community Partnerships Officer

    29 July 16 by Donna Sirmais, Cambridge Park Public School

    We profile one of our Local Parent Engagement Champions, Donna Sirmais. Donna is a Community Partnerships Officer at Cambridge Park Public School, in NSW.

  • Launching ‘Learning in Families Together’ (LIFT) at Latrobe Primar

    29 July 16 by Jo Rann, Latrobe Primary School

    For the last 10 years of my teaching career my work has revolved extensively around families.  My roles as Being a Parent (BAP) Program Facilitator; Family Partnership Training Facilitator; Launching into Learning teacher; and Child and Family Centre based educator have developed my capacity to build relationships with families and support community organisations. It is my experience that when time and resources are allocated and dedicated to supporting children in the context of their whole family and community, relationships have grown and family engagement has deepened.  

  • Queensland’s Gentle Revolution in Parent Engagement

    29 July 16 by Dr Debbie Pushor, University of Saskatchewan

    What a privilege it was to be invited by the Federation of Parents & Friends Associations of Catholic Schools in Queensland to be keynote thought provoker at their 2016 Queensland Catholic Schools Parents Conference and then to travel throughout the State for the following two weeks to present to parents and educators in each diocese. 

  • Transition to school

    27 July 16 by Dr Yasmin Harman-Smith

    Only six months ago, parents around the country experienced a raft of emotions associated with children starting school – some parents for the first time and others for the second, third or, courageously, forth, fifth or sixth time. I was among the hundreds of thousands of people taking a deep breath and holding it for what seemed like an eternity to hear all about the ‘first day’.